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Who we are what we do?

Flexserve Resource Limited has been serving Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Bedfordshire, and surrounding areas for nearly two decades with a simple goal: to redefine care-at-home system as an effort to derive pleasure and to help each person achieving good health and quality of life.
We are born to rid the world of lack, deficiencies, discourage, and diseases. Age, disease, as well as long-term care are just some aspects of life. They do not define us as who we are and our existence. We continually strive to bring new and advanced solutions to make their lives comfortable by providing short or long-term care either in their homes or a residential hospice.
We understand how important trust is – it takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to heal. The staff working under the roof of Flexserve Resource Limited is professional and comprises of registered nurses, occupational therapists, dietitians, physiotherapists, and social workers. They all are not only certified, but are reliable.
Our caretakers are available for you and your loved ones who prefer to remain surrounded in the familiarity of their place of residence. The staff understands that home is where your heart is, and you are more comfortable there. Our caregivers aim to help you retain your independent lifestyle to the maximum by giving you the desired level of care right where you need.


Our staff is professional and comprises of qualified nurses, therapists, dietitians, and social workers. Each staff undergoes extensive background checks and validated through a strict process.


We are prepared for any accidental or emergency situations and make you ready to deal with them as well. Our rational thinking and strategic approach toward any accident or emergency assure that nothing must be taken under pressure.


We are here to help, support and care for you!
We provide counselling to adults who are looking for short or long-term care in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Our counsellors offer the highest level of individual support, encouragement, and resources, assisting with a variety of care issues.


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Your True Companion

People with special needs and those who are approaching a certain age may require assistance for daily activities. People might have difficulty wearing clothes, preparing food, getting into and out of bed, staying clean, using the bathroom and more.
The challenges mentioned above might not fall under the umbrella of complex care services, but instead might be solved with an in-home care solution. Our home health assistants and companion services can serve such individuals and enable seniors to stay in their homes safe, sound and happy.

Your Peace of Mind

We, under the roof of Flexserve Resource Limited, understand that trusting the person to whom you hand over the care of your loved one is a critical situation. We assure you reliable services that go far beyond most other home care service providers and offer ongoing support for our caregivers. Rest assured your loved one is in qualified hands so you can have peace of mind.