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At Flexserve Resource Limited, our purpose is to make a lasting and real difference for everyone we support. Our training consultancy services offers an array of specialist Social care services and health care training services for adults. In addition, we also support older people who need nursing and residential care in later life.

With a network of supported living and reliable care services, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of person-centered care within homely and safe environments. Our goal is to help everyone we support to lead content lives where possible and accomplish positive outcomes irrespective of presumed ability or age.

Welcome to

Flexserve Resource Limited

Flexserve Resource Limited is committed to providing specialised care services to individuals who are looking for health care services following a period of ill health at their home and adults who might just be under the effect of old age.

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Our care workers are held to high standards:

  • All are certified and validated through thorough background checks
  • Possess years of experience in a hospital or nursing home setting
  • Have no criminal background
  • First-rate pre-employment record and references
  • Stand by to a written code of behaviour and conduct

Residential Care Support

We provide staff to attend to the people in a residential home or extra care setting. The care includes extra support services meeting residential and health-care requirements of each client.

Live-In Care Service

We provide special care for individuals who need special attention and supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Respite Care To Relieve Family Cares

Our respite care is intended to make you free from the daily challenges of caring for a… Read More

Hospital To Home Care Services

We provide cared staff to vulnerable adults living in a residential care or extra care setting… Read More

adults living in a residential care or extra care setting


Providing each client with personalised home-care services is not the only thing we do at Flexserve Resource Limited. We also provide companionship… Read More

Personal Care

Our care services are personalised and assure each client’s satisfaction and contentment. We help you reach your health goals and objectives.

Reablement Care Services

Our care workers can provide a short-term care package to adults who are in need of extra care following a period of ill health at their home.

Escort To Social Events (Enabling Service)

Our caregivers are ready to go along with you to all types of schedules, on routine walks to… Read More

24hour Complex Care

Our services are active round the clock, and our experts are ready to get you free from any stress you are coming across with.


Our Services

We provide the needed home care and assistance that allows senior citizens to stay and thrive in their homes. Our services include residential care, medicine reminders, fall prevention, bathing or grooming assistance, and much more.

Whether out in the community or adult care homes, our person-centred and devoted approach ensures individuals build at their own pace, and they make their own choices about their daily lives.

In order to meet the emotional, physical, and social needs of all the people we support, we provide a wide range of specialist care services. This includes:

  • Nursing and residential care customised to the needs of the individual
  • Innovative support programs in caring and nurturing environments
  • Supported living and community outreach transition services
  • Safe accommodation that supports independent living
  • High qualified and dedicated staff teams
  • Access to paid employment opportunities and education for adults
  • Progression through a care pathway that fulfil potential
  • Choices for the people we help that encompass the needs of every individual to accomplish positive outcomes
  • Domiciliary care services

Our Promise

As a leading home health care agency, we are dedicated to making sure our clients truly feel great and comfortable with our care services.

Our Promise

As a leading home health care agency, we are dedicated to making sure our clients truly feel great and comfortable with our care services.

Video Tour of Our Service

Have a look of video tour of our service and see how we treat our each client at their homes.

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  • I wanted to thank you again for all the care and kindness towards Sheila that you helped to make happen. Your professionalism, compassion (and patience!) made such a big difference to those difficult months and years, and the speed with which you coped with the inevitable hiccups that occasionally occur in every such situation was truly admirable.

  • At the end of last year, my brother passed away, leaving Mum on her own as he was looking after her.
    I was left trying to find care for her. Mum is awaiting a hip replacement and is in so much pain that she is now in a wheelchair.
    The carers come three times a day (this can be increased after the operation) to help get her out of bed to wash her, shower her, dress her and to make her breakfast, dinner and tea.
    My mum often phones me in the day and says that she’s had a lovely dinner or shower.
    It gives me great peace of mind knowing that she is well looked after.
    The care and support my mum has received has been invaluable especially at this sad time.
    I have found the carers to be compassionate and comforting to Mum and Mum looks forward to their visits
    If Mum is unwell or if I have a query they are just a phone call away and are always ready to help in any way they can.

    Sharon M
  • Flexserve provided three times daily care to my mother-in-law for more than three years and live-in care for the last 6 months or so of her life. My mother-in-law and the family were always treated with the utmost consideration, patience, kindness, dignity and professionalism. The manager was accessible and responsive: she succeeded under sometimes difficult circumstances in providing continuity of both care and carer as far as possible, which made a huge difference to my mother-in-law’s wellbeing and to our peace of mind.
    Strong and lasting relationships were forged with several of the carers and we have been happy to recommend Flexserve to a number of friends and neighbours who have had need of care, sometimes at very short notice.
    As a GP, I am well aware of the challenges facing care agencies in providing this essential service to vulnerable patients and their families. I feel Flexserve has risen to these challenges better than I could possibly have wished for.

    Stephen A
  • We know that if you need the care Flexserve are the people to have as you will be in safe hands, in our eyes, they are to be trusted and we can strongly recommend.

    Donnalyn H
  • Both in the office and in the home Flexserve are responsive, caring and efficient. We really appreciate the intimacy of the relationship between carers, service user and the family. We feel that we all work together well.

    Larry M



We are a dynamic care organisation, working to support our clients’ health needs under a secure building that serves as living quarters for them.

Who are our care workers ?

At the core of our success, there is a great exertion of our staff. Our staff consists of listed qualified occupational therapists, dietitians, physiotherapists, and social workers. They all are reliable and hand-picked. We make sure that only the best and trustworthy caregiver attend you at your home.

What services do we provide?

We provide the needed home care and assistance that allows senior citizens to stay and thrive in their homes. Our services include residential care, medicine reminders, fall prevention, bathing or grooming assistance, and much more.