Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Mum inspires memory walk to raise funds for Dementia.

Many of us know someone who is caring for a parent, family member, husband/wife, or friend with Dementia. Yvonne Brown from Flexserve Home Care knows first-hand the challenges people face.

Yvonne says “My much-loved mother is 91years old and we know as a family how hard this can be. She occasionally recognises me, and I am thankful for those memories when they happen”. Yvonne’s Mum is the reason why she, and some of the Flexserve Home Care team, are taking part in the Memory Walk to raise much needed funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Yvonne continues “When you support someone with Dementia, there are good days and bad days but having someone to share the burden when those bad days happen is so important. We all need to raise more awareness on how to support our loved ones to live safely and happily in our community”.

Flexserve Home Care are putting together a series of campaigns to provide people with helpful tips and information on how best to support people with Dementia.

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