Main Office:Northside House Mount Pleasant, Barnet EN4 9EB
Phone:020 3551 8750
Our Process

Care begins at home
here's how we start

Personalised Care Plan

1. We take the time to explain all you need to know about our services and we will ensure you are happy with everything

2. We match our Care Professionals based on mutual interests and hobbies

3. We agree with you as to how we deliver and review your ongoing support

Becoming a Client

Before we start any of our care packages we will: 

1. Agree a schedule to deliver your care plan, which includes introducing you to the people supporting you.

2. If you want family or friends to be involved in your care planning, we will work with you to facilitate this.

3. We will liaise with third parties such as doctors and health care professionals to ensure consistency of care.

Ongoing Support

Your care is reviewed regularly:

1. Our Care Professionals will continue to support you and adapt to what you need.

2. They will provide feedback to us if anything is out of the norm. They complete client logs after each visit so we always know how you are.

3. Our office team will conduct quality support calls either in your homes or over the phone on a quarterly basis.
We review your requirements on a regular basis.